sometimes some

dear diary, sometimes some feelings belong to the past I don’t need to follow. sometimes some feelings lead to same old reaction I don’t need to act I already know the circle they follow. feelings are the surface, dive deep, search! eternal, never-changing wisdom of the heart. choose to create a new path. anu

centered heart

dear diary, Iife flowed like it once used to flow, things were solved while I stood by (centered heart knows what it wants). met many people, there were the past, the present, future too, some I knew well, some just little, few new. true stories, humble hearts, happy faces, new phases, connections. I love connections! … More centered heart


dear diary, when I have courage to dive to I don’t know, I am worried, even afraid. in need. there will be someone giving a hand, telling the truth or a tale. we all carry messages to some, flow, love, deliver. all is well. anu


dear diary, fortynine and I love my life, I know my strengths, my flaws by now, when to listen, when to talk, who I want in my life. (not always doing so though.) connections and talks are my high. so what do I want? I want to love. more. to break the walls. give the … More fortynine

all is well

dear diary, I wonder what are we so afraid of? embarrassed about? not to know? not doing right, having enough?being left, hurt? if someone sees, knows? so what? what can hurt us, we’re always enough! very few things are a matter of life and dead, you know. I dive into the moment Now seek my … More all is well